At the APUG conference we had a selection of large format and small format intermixed in our show.
I think this exhibit for me confirmed that unless the image itself was stunning and well executed, no amount of print *turd* polishing could help .

We had examples of 35mm negative to print that on a print quality basis stood up to the large format work.
From the numerous comments that I overheard it was the image that was the primary concern to the viewer and not the process.

This *turd* polishing happens in all formats and generally this obsession with process is what drives a printer crazy.

Its been said in another post or two of the ability of making enlarged negatives from smaller formats a breath of fresh air for the alternative print processe.

As well I have seen in my own client base photographers taking large format gear and using it like 35mm . This too is refreshing to see.

I think that one can work from both directions , but if the imagery is weak it will show on any process.