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Mostly though the problem is the subjectivity of the viewer. I would challenge Grant and others with a reciprocal argument. Are you unwilling to make the effort to move to ULF and therefore hiding behind a sour grapes argument that "I'm not going there because it's just a bunch of folks making boring pictures with wild notions of mastery only because it's a big expensive camera etc." No less valid than your original assumptions.
I think it would be a lot of fun, and a good challenge, to try ULF- but I personally don't have the funding right now to shoot film that costs in upwards of $5 a sheet. I also think that my work and style is perfectly suited to any format 4x5 or smaller. I don't think that I need to shoot in a format in which I am more concerned on how big it is rather than be able to focus all my attention on what I'm actually taking a photo of. Sometimes it seems to me that Alt. Process and ULF photographers feel a lot more secure knowing that if they are shooting with something that is "obscure" that more people will become interested in it- I think this is mainly due to the sheer size of their negative or the chemical makeup of the print.