I understand completely what you mean. This is a coincidence because I was discussing the exact same issue yesterday with other photographers.

My photography has reached a certain level, but the question now is, what do I want from it? What do I want it to convey to my viewers.

When I look back at the photography I did 10 years ago, I see an enormous improvement, and that is a good feeling, but now what next???

I believe that it is all about going out and _doing_ it, spending a _long_ time on one subject, maybe going back to it many, many times, to see if you can improve on the last image you shot there.

If you involve your own soul, your images will convey this 'soul' too. But having said that, it is the hardest aspect of photography.

I very recently spent two weeks in Scotland, in the Isle of Skye, and very interestingly my best photography was shot on the last two days of my stay.

Good luck with your photography.
Anne Marieke