I think that soul is about images that engage. I think that in order to produce photographs that engage we must first become engaged.
Yes. This is exactly it for me.

I had been photographing children exclusively for a few years, just starting to get a handle on the technical aspect of photography. My image were pretty good. Cute. I knew I had a good eye, but there was 'something' I just wasn't capturing.

I came home one day from a little 'minishoot' of my daughter at the park. Once again, I knew I had a roll of 'cute.' Was frustrated with that. I pulled into my driveway, to see a neighbor girl sitting alone outside, playing by herself and daydreaming. I had an instant flashback of myself at her age. It opened my eyes and made me cry because, somewhere along the line I had lost my ability to be alone without feeling lonely. Ditto for joy without self-consciousness, anger without guilt, self-expression without apology, love without fear. I photographed her right there, and that was when my work changed, with this one frame.

I suddenly knew what I was trying to say, and that has made all the difference.