I agree with Joe, I think we all go through this stage where our prints are technically very good but "boring." Or at least that is how I felt about my previous efforts.

To a greater degree I beleive this comes from trying to emulate previous phtographers. Lets face it, somewhere we all have a photographer that we admire and wish to make photographs like they did. In my case I was always chasing the kind of images Paul Caponigro made.

You have reach the stage where photography becomes truly enjoyable. It is time to develop your "style", what makes your vision unique? when you stop and take a photograph, examine the reasons why you want to take this particular picture, and evolve from that. IMO if all you do is take a picture because it lools like "xxxx" then you will always be dissatisfied with your efforts. Do your own thing, break all the rules and in time your work will be as unique as those that attract you.