A while ago, I bought a used Hasselblad 503cw. I eventually acquired two lenses (100 and 60). As time passed, I became more interested in taking photographs more spontaneously (i.e. off a tripod). So I bought the CW winder. This set-up still was awkward to use. So I finally went the distance and picked up a PME 45 prism finder. But this combination weighs a ton and is not fun to use off a tripod. The PME45's meter is good, but one still has to set the aperture and speed on the lens manually. So I find this set-up slow to use, loud, and very heavy. This expensive equipment spends most of its time in its case while I'm out and about with a Rollei TLR, which is much more fun to use. So my question is, have any of you found a way to comfortably use the 503cw/winder/PME prism handheld (not just sporadically but for more sustained use)? I wonder if I'd be better off selling the prism and winder and just using a handheld meter and the basic waist level viewer. Or perhaps I should sell the whole set-up and pick up a Pentax 645N. Thanks.