I don't know if Andy is deliberately misunderstanding this or not. I can only assume that he must be.

"The end result" is good food. This could be almost any ingredients; it could be cooked over an open fire; or baked in an oven; or steamed; or shallow- or deep-fried; or stewed or cooked in many other ways.

It can be in the classical French style, the Szechuan style, the Mexican style, the Mediterranean style and (once again) more: all are a state of mind and a collection of ingredients, not a recipe.

You can cook it for five minutes or five hours; you can add garlic or not; the variations are endless. And what matters is the end result: how you get there is secondary. In fact, even a microwave has its place: a superb means of cooking crispy bacon.

Likewise in photography, the end result is a good picture. It doesn't matter whether you use Tri-X or HP5, or make enlargements or contact prints or use alternative processes. Good photographers make good pictures the same way good cooks make good meals, and it always goes beyond following recipes blindly.

As for Andy's refusal to share these recipes, perhaps we are suffering no great loss if they have made him the fine figure of a man that appears under his signature. Note to the slow of thinking: THAT IS A JOKE.