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It's not limited to cooking. Your analogy holds wherever there is a technical underpinning for creative expression.
Dear Bob,

An interesting argument, which well illustrates the shortcomings of analogies. Being neither musical nor a dancer, those would not have occurred to me, and indeed, they are performances rather than products. A meal, a book, a photograph are products, and of course the meal falls flat on its face in the analogy because it cannot be revisited, unlike a book or a picture.

With writing, too, one can revise the existing product, rather than re-making it, as you have to with a print (though not of course the negative).

Thanks very much for broadening my perception of an admittedly simplistic analogy.

Thanks too to the others who have thrown further light on the subject, especially Gordon. One reason I'm not 'getting out more' is that Frances is not well. It will go away, but it takes a long time and it's not much fun. She can't even spend as much time in the darkroom as she would like. It's pseudopolyarthritis rhizomale in French; sorry, dunno in English.