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I prefer the OED, too. Not being among the flower of society myself, it's difficult for me to afford.
The flower need not be rich: one should not confuse wealth with such things as social class, education, wit, charm or membership of any elite.

Even at half price (anyone who has written anything for OUP can apparently get this discount, and I contributed to the Oxford Companion to the Photograph) I still can't afford a proper one in 14 volumes. I have only the book-club photographically reduced version in two volumes.

But your argument comes back to the point of words changing their meaning as they cross the Atlantic, something that should, perhaps, be aired more often.

The British tend to think they're right, because they got there first, and Americans tend to think they're right, because there are more of them. Both tend to forget Australian and South African English, and indeed, English as spoken in the biggest democracy in the world, India.