My 2c... Part of what makes me human is enjoying how other humans achieved something artistic by their own hand. We are not just soulless machines that look at an artistic object and say to ourselves, "observing art work, processing data, object meets acceptable parameters, storing in memory, observing next piece". I get a sense of enjoyment looking at something that I know took extreme human effort, craft and skill. I prefer the sculpture of David by Michelangelo vs. someone having a 3D body scan and then precisely carved out of marble using the new computer controlled stone carving machines. The 3D body scan + machine carved sculpture will clinically be more perfect than Michelangelo's but who cares, anyone could do it if they have a 3D body scanner and the new mechanized sculpting tool. I think if we allow ourselves to ignore the process of hand crafted art then we are losing some of our humanity and becoming just like the computers and machines producing everything for us..