There have been several discussions about this over the last year on the Azo forum. As I recall, Michael related two very significant points. First, the expected price is about that of a cold light head. Based upon that expectd price range, Kodak executives looked favorably upon the invention as that could open a large market for Azo that wasn't there in recent years.

Many years ago, there was a large market for Azo as the snapshots printed by the local drugstore were done on contact printing machinery. Just do a search for "Azo" on e-bay and you will see these vintage prints for sale as memorabilia. As technology progressed, commercial contact printing went by the wayside, thus, so did the Azo market share. There are enlargers on the current market that can enlarge on Azo, but they are enormously expensive and have very powerful light sources. The light sources are powerful enough that standard residential wiring circuits are inadequate.

However, this invention has the promise of putting Azo back in market to anyone willing to spring the cost of a cold light head and runs off the standard household electrical outlet. A very significant achievement, to say the least.