I was shooting a project monday and tuesday, The second day my assistant came to me after the shot was about 80% set we were waiting on the models to get ready. She started wanting to work the details, I asked her to wait till the shot was underway. A little frustrated with me she asked "why do you always do that?" "it would be so much more efficient if..." At the time my response to her was, " just have the equipment set up and available, when we get into it I'll have a better understanding as to exactly where I want it, and at what value it needs to be". Though both of us knew pretty much what was going to happen and where everything belonged it just seems, to confining to make permanent decisions when the moment has yet to arrive. Her argument was, " it would be less stressful if everything was absolute" This thread got me to remember this discussion, She was right of course, but something in the last minute activity of an image creates for me an alertness to see things I might miss if everything was already cast in stone and we are trying to make things fit to a pre-conceived moment. Being flexible allows for us, the freedom to happen onto opportunity. This my be where the soul lies, I don't know.