Thanks for the response. Nothing too surprising then. I know of the coverage problem that comes from using a set (this enlarger uses a combination of two independent condenser lenses--I have five individual lenses to be used in three combinations) for a smaller format with a larger neg, but just was wondering whether there were any downsides other then reduced light output to going the other way. I'll experiment some more, but I suspect I'll be using the 6x7 combo for 6x6 and 6x7 and the 35mm combo for 35mm, and the 35mm-6x6 combo will stay in the desk drawer unless something inspires me to get a 645 camera (not a format I particularly like).

I had my first printing session with the new enlarger today, and I'm very pleased. Other features aside, a glass negative carrier really makes all the difference, and I like having a negative carrier with adjustable masking blades, which I've used in the past in school darkrooms, but have never had on my own enlarger.