Donald said,

I understand your statement about the archivalness (is that a word?) of a print...but the way that I feel about it...Who the hell really cares? As long as it looks good enough for someone to give me some money. By the time that the print "goes south" I will have gone "down".
Funny, that's exactly the same philosophy that Kodak had with color prints in the 1980s and even probably today. If it lasts 'til it gets out the door. Perfect. If you want to show it to anyone in the future, put the damn thing in the freezer, and whenever company comes over simply thaw it out.

Donald said

If too many prints are made archival there will be no depletion of work already done and let's face it there will be a saturation point.
Oh I get it, you're just trying to drive up the price of you work through attrition.

Donald said,

My cat does not have a particular affinity for the prints...she just yawns when I show her my latest and greatest
Donald try not feeding the little bugger for a few days and see if that improves his/her attutude a little.