I'm new to panoramic cameras but have long admired the 6x17 format and am finally in a position to do something about it. I've been becoming increasingly disillusioned with digital photography and am selling off my Canon gear and returning to film.

After looking at various panoramic cameras the new Horseman 617 seems to be what I'm after, especially with the ground glass and interchangeable film backs.

My question is - which focal length would be good to start with, the 72mm or the 90mm? I'll only be able to afford the camera and one of the lenses. I will be using this for general landscapes and exploring panoramic photography. My problem is I don't have a 'feel' for the kind of coverage I'd get with these focal lengths in this format, and actually getting hold of these cameras prior to purchase to have a look is going to be problematic.

I would be very grateful for your advice...

All the best,