Thank you. That is what I was saying...perhaps too wordy in my explanation. I have used DBI and for the life of me I can not tell within .15 log units of density what the negative density is when examined with the green light. Perhaps I am not as adept as some of the practitioners of DBI and I will give that possibility. To be honest I can not tell within .15 log units of density in bright room light when I get up into the 1.85 area especially when considerations of proportional stain and different light sources enter the equation. I guess that I am not alone in that inability.

I think that we all want this light to produce a good result for purchasers and potential purchasers. I think that to do that the information that will enable those good results would be beneficial. This information may possibly indicate a departure from established methods. I gathered from the inventor a real awareness of density requirements for this light to work to it's full potential. I also heard his concern about over exposed and overdeveloped negatives. I fully concur with his thoughts on that matter.