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But to get back to the images themselves, I did experience the power that Domenico found wanting. Oddly, it was exactly that feeling I was expecting to get at the Adams exhibit, but didn't, which made me go back and reconsider my feelings and assumptions about the great St. Ansel. I dunno - I guess everyone has to experience stuff for themselves and take what they like and leave the rest. That's why there is still room in the world for yet more photographic visions.
I too very much liked the Arbus exhibit in SF. Again I made a comment last year about how I was underwhelmed by the Adams exhibt in SF. That (Adams) was a compilation that the family did not agree with. It was one curators idea for the exhibit, and thus reflected more his view of the man's work.

When it all comes down to your reaction to an exhibit, it is a personal matter. I viewed art galleries and museums vastly different after taking a few years of art history classes. If I worked in the same medium as the artist, I again viewed works in that medium differently. My opions are mine, whether good bad or indifferent. If we were all the same, this would be one very boring world.