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Hi Photo

I thought about this last night, and tried to think of a way to use masks to increase saturation..

this is what I came up with:
making 3 BW separations, and making a reversed copy of each, then printing each BW separation to a fresh piece of BW film and substracting (or adding, didn't figure out that yet) the other two reversed copies so that in the end you have 3 fresh BW layers each containing a sort of a "difference" between the layer it was supose to show and the two other layers combined.
Would be like bustracting the other two layers from each layer of the color image
Would that work?
This is too complex.

What you want is a high contrast mask for the image (color) you want to increase in saturation. Methods are shown in the Kodak Dye Transfer publications, but are now out of print.

Another method is to bleach, but not fix a print, then redevelop, bleach, redevelop and bleach until you achieve the color saturation / contrast - that you want.

The first method above can target a single color, but the second enhances overall contrast and saturation.

There are many ways to get at this problem. Simply using the high saturation films and print materials will often satisfy your needs.