Hi there,

" Methods are shown in the Kodak Dye Transfer publications, but are now out of print."

They had a more detailed method in their graphic arts manuals, also out of print. Basically you make a highlight/shadow mask, for trans:

Adjust exposure so there is no density in the mask below zone 3 on the original trans.

Dilute the developer AND reduce the total volume of developer to force a hard shoulder on the mask by zone 7. Testing, testing, testing. Use continuous agitation or streaking is likely.

This will produce a really strange H&D curve. The shadows use tone contrast, the mid-tones use color saturation contrast, the highlights are back to tone contrast. This will 'pump-up' the apparent color saturation while leaving the shadow details. It adds neutral density to the highlights so you'll need to dodge the shadows or burn-in the highlights.
If the original is over-scale for the paper, it should just fall into place.

Just a thought.