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The scene was an SBR of 5 and I am using BPF 200. I do not see any stain at all. I fixed in claytons non-hardening fixer for seven minutes. Did I do it too long, or is this not good stuff? I got it at photomark in phoenix because the other stuff they had was kodak rapid fix with hardener.

I do not have a densitometer and if I lay it on a white sheet of paper under a bright light I see white paper only in the deepest shadows is that normal? these things are pretty dense.
You don't mention time or temperature of development. Also, can I assume that you are developing your negatives for an alternative process that would require a negative with a fairly high CI (high contrast)? I ask the question because I only recommend the 2:2:100 dilution of Pyrocat-HD for alternative processes. If you use this dilution with negatives destined for silver printing (except AZO) it will give to much contrast in most lighting conditions.

Also, BPF is a good film for silver gelatin printing (because it has a lot of latitude for exposure and development) but it is very hard to get enough contrast out of it for alternative printing. In fact, I will state categorically that BPF will not give sufficient contrast with an SBR of 5 in any developer if the negative is intended for alternative printing.

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