You know, trying to define or categorize "soul" or "art" in photography is quite elusive at best. It reminds me of a high school professor back in ’50. We had a physics class with some football athletes upon which he looked with some disdain because of their seemingly casual approach to science specifically and learning in general (his thoughts – not mine). Upon observing that one student was falling asleep in mid lecture, he interrupted the athlete’s reverie with a question.

Prof.: “Ok, what is electricity - Mr. Milo?”
Milo (prompted by pokes and jabs of his teammates): “Uhh…I don’ kno’.”
Prof.:: “Did you read your assignment, Mr. Milo?”
Milo: “Yezzir, I knew then, but I forget.”
Prof.: “WHAT? The only man in history who knew the what electricity is and he forgets???!”