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Learning technique isn't a prerequisite to taking soulful pictures, rather technical proficiency cuts down on the number of those images ruined by poor technique.
Couldn't agree more. My best shots are the ones I took right after my first photo class. Indeed, 4 months after I started shooting at all. (not that I claim any profeciency) Most of those shots were processed by the cheapest lab I could find, since I did not have access to a darkroom, and therefore have terrible densities.

But the shots are good. They say something.

For me, the trick is caring about the people I photograph. Or being interested, which ever one it is that I am. Or maybe it's being curious. I don't know, it's mostly emotion...

Regardless, I've been told that I think too much about my photographs. Heck, I think too much about everything. But now I'm ranting.

I'll post an example in the standart gallery, and you can tell me if it has soul or not.

P.S. I was trying to help, not promote myself...