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I developed for 23 minutes at 70ish degrees My goal was palladium or kallitype.

Kevin? Bostic(his name is on the mail they sent). said BPF was just fine for alt processes but did mention that Pyrocat might not be aggressive enough.

Kevin at B&S is right in that BPF is fine for alternative process work, *if you are in a lighting condition of SBR of about 6.5 or higher.*

But, if you hope to get enough contrast from BPF in a lighting condition of SBR 6 or lower my assessement is that *you can't get there from here.* In other words, there is *no* developer, however aggressive, that will produce enough contrast with BPF in low contrast lighting for an alternative process like kallitype or palladium that require a negative density range of about log 1.7. Period, regardless of how long you develop. Not with ABC Pyro 1:1:1:7, not with D-19 straight, not with D-11.

BPF has gamma infinity at about CI .93 but beyond that you just gain density with longer development. With BPF and Pyrocat 2:2:100 you reach gamma infinity of about CI .92 with about sixteen minutes of development. Further development increases overall density but not contrast.

Sandy King