Sandy, you say that you only recommend a 2:2:100 dilution of Pyrocat HD for alternative processes, as it will result in too much contrast for enlarging.
So far I've only used one batch of Pyrocat HD, which I scratch mixed. I began tray developing Bergger BPF 200 5x4 negatives taken in normal contrast lighting, in a 1:1:100 solution but could not get enough contrast even by increasing the developing time to 15 minutes. To get negatives that would print on a normal grade paper with my diffuser enlarger I ended up giving them 10 miutes in a 2:2:100 solution. This works fine for me.
I had no phenidone when I mixed the brew so I used 2.5 grams of metol instead.Could this be the reason I'm getting less contrast than you would expect?
I've also developed several rolls of new Tri X ( taken in bright sunny lighting ) for 10 minutes in the 2:2:100 solution and they too have come out with normal contrast.
I should add that I am highly delighted with performance of the developer. Mamy thanks!

Alan Clark