Hi Sandy:

Since this thread is the closest that I have come across in order to relate to my question, I would also like some clarification regarding the inherent contrast of different films and the procedure of using Pyrocat-HD.

I have read your articles on Post Factory, unblinkingeye.com, and have been reading posts on alt-photo-process-list about the subject. You have mentioned that HP5+, BPF as well as Fortepan 400 are not suitable for low-SBR situations.

Is this only applicable when one is preparing negatives for alternative processes? When one is developing negatives for regular silver printing (I mean not AZO), those films perform sufficiently even in low-SBR situations with N-plus development?

Another question is about procedure. If Pyrocat-HD is used with Jobo processor, you have recommend to add "0.3g/L of Sodium Sulfite to each liter for working solution." Does this mean I will add 0.3g to one litter of working solution? I simply cannot put the meaning of the above sentence into practice.

If you can clarify these points, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and spending time on them.