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The Visual Channel base plus fog was 0.19 and the Blue Channel base plus fog was .20 (as I recall - I will go back and double check the numbers).

The film was fresh Kodak Tech Pan 120 Roll with a 2005 expiration date.

My Stand Development procedure: In a filled tank with 20 seconds of initial gentle torus inversion agitation. No agitation at all for the remainder of the 20 minutes.

Rinse (no stop bath) was for 1 minute in 18 megaohm deionized water. Fixer was TF-4 (alkaline - non hardening) for 4 minutes.

I guess that I am not tracking with you here. When I look at the first two density levels that you reported in your initial visual and blue channel comparisons for hydroquinone and for catechol the densities are below what you said FB+fog are. What am I missing here?