Since I made the first post I've read the section In Barnbaums book, "The Art Of Photography, an Approach to Personal Expression", a good reference book well worth the money. The section on "wet up" as Bruce calls it is too long to quote from so I will scan it and post it tomorrow. Bruce's opinion is virtually the opposite of mine but having said that, his prints are excellent with quite beautiful clean highlights that absolutely glow. I do not wish to sound arrogant or bigheaded but my prints also glow and I do everything that Bruce says is wrong in dealing with "drydown" as I call it.

The main point that I wish to make is that the methods that we both use work for us so I will not say that Bruce is wrong and I'm right, I respect him too much to do that.

I'll post Bruce's method tomorrow after I've scanned it and also briefly explain where we differ.