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fingel - I tend to much the same as you (85mm on 35, 105mm on 6x6, and 125mm on 4x5). I have always felt that I do it because of what I mostly shoot with each format. More people with 35mm and more scenics with 4x5. The 105mm on 6x6 just cause it is my best lens in that format.

So there's someone else like this! Actually, I think this is probably how it is for a lot of people. On 35mm, I sort of noodle between 50mm and 85mm. On 645 it's 80mm. 6x7, it's 180mm. 4x5, it's 210mm. 8x10, it's 240mm. Each lens just seems to be most appropriate to how I use and see with each particular format. I'll go ahead and take this as further indication that there is no one particiular focal length lens that corresponds most to human vision. Others have provided plenty of scientific-type evidence. The subjective evidence is just as compelling, though. My ultimate conclusion? It doesn't matter! Exactly what you wanted to hear, I'm sure! XD