Hi Ed: Last item first. I can't get on the Kiev Report web site either, at the moment. Their server appears to be down - happens every now and then.

I have several Kiev metering prisms, most are out -of - the box averaging meters and are within 1/2 stop of my Lunapro SBC. They are Cadmium Disulfide Sensor technology and their low light sensitivity is not as great as the Luna Pro's Silicon Blue Cell Sensor.

I have one Kiev Spot Metering Prism (it has a spot mode and an averaging mode). It is unmodified. I bought it from Mike Fourman of Kiev Camera, USA. It was checked/calibrated by Mike's technicians before I got it. It is very reliable and is within 1/3 stop of my Pentax Spot meter and my Gossen Luna Pro SBC.

I currently have one ARAX rebuilt Kiev 88CM. I picked up a basket case Kiev 88CM (shutter problems/botched repair attempt) for a song and sent it off to Gevorg Vartanyan (ARAX) in Kiev for a CLA and shutter repair. He completely overhauled the camera, installed an improved lens mount and replaced the leatherette covering with black Italian leather. The total turn-around-time from California to Kiev and back to California was about 30 days. The camera has now had about 100 rolls of film through it and it has performed flawlessly.

Gevorg is currently building me another 88CM. This one is an ARAX Special Edition CM88 with Mirror Lock-up and a Spot Metering Prism. I expect to receive it from Kiev in about 2-3 weeks.