One thing you will find perplexing when printing with xp2 is that if you use the same basic setup ie.* contrast setting * that you did for lets say a HP5 in ID11, you will find your xp2 negative prints looking very *flat, or low contrast*
You need to raise the filter value, sometimes, by 2 full grades. This is a common problem when using this film for the first time.
Once you establish a *grade for xp2* use this starting point.
You will find this to be true with other film/developer combinations that are somewhat different than the norm.
good luck

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Hello Gang,

i'm new to this forum and have only been developing & printing for the past week or two and i'd be grateful if anyone could help me with a query.

I have some negatives from ilford xp2 from before i set up my darkroom.

I know that xp2 isn't a true black and white film and uses a c-41 process but would i be able to print this as if it were a normal black and white film? I've not tried yet but wondered if someone had any ideas or experience.

Any feedback appreciated