This is one of those nagging problems that I've been struggling with for many moons...

Does anyone have any suggestions/ information of a device for holding 120 film - 4 exposure "sticks" x 3 rows; of 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 frames each, for contact printing?
What I would really like is some sort of hinged glass, where I can position - somewhat accurately- , the individual frames, and securely locate the paper below them, for exposure in the enlarger.
I have progressed through a number of devices in the last (grumble - grumble) years so far, without real success.
The best I've devised so far is the "Print File" hinged glass frame - modified by taping one of those clear plastic "Sheet Savers" to the glass, placing the Print File polypropylene sleeve containing the negatives between it; placing the paper - tough to locate it - on the foam plastic; closing everything up and firing away. - A "jury rig", at best.

I've seen a few "contact sheets", one in "Darkroom Photography" and those on Demarchelier's web site - and they are most informative. Probably a submission of this sort - a contact sheet giving some insight into the sequences - and indirectly, the thought processes - and STYLE of the photographer, would be of significant instructional use.

So, gang, any help will be greatly appreciated.