Hi all,
I know there is a wealth of information on Banff in general, but I'm starting here first for a lot of reasons, many very obvious.

I will be in Edmonton area for a conference in early November (4-9 or someting like that). I know that 250 miles isn't that "close" to Banff but it's a lot closer than Northern California, and I feel like it's a place I need to see. I also know it'll be butt cold, but, again, free airfare makes it worth it.

So...I need some help figuring out where to stay and, eventually, what to do. I don't have a huge budget, and I've found a few B&B's for like $75 canadian a night that'll do. I don't know the park at all so don't expect to do everything I want to do or get everything I want out of it, and I am willing to get just a superficial experience if that's the best I can do in 3-4 days.

So...any suggestions? How should I approach this? I am still debating gear, and part of that depends on whether I get some new lenses for my rz67 by then or not.