Iím looking for a very special 8 x 10 contact printer.

Hereís the set up. Itís a wooden box that is about 11 x 14 x10. Itís made especially for contact printing 8x 10 negs. Itís different in a couple of ways. First, there are about 8 Ė 10 bulbs. Iím not even sure of their wattages. They are arranged equal distances from each other. Each light has itís own dimmer switch. Also, each light bulb can be moved up or down. This was quite a printer. Finally, for the greatest control, we used the separation sheets in Kodak dry mounting tissue to gain the ability to perform dodge and burn functions. We tore the tissue into odd pieces and laid them over the areas that needed special attention. The stacking order was: ground glass, tissue, negative, and printing paper. I donít think Kodak is using this separation tissue in their dry mount tissue anymore.

I interned with Maurice Seymour in Chicago. This is how I learned to print on this kind of printer. Maurice did spectacular vivid B/W theatrical portraiture. Mostly head shots! We used a Deardorf with a brass lens. Lighting was all stage incandescent.

Does anyone know who the manufacture is or was? Would this be hard to build?

I could go on and on. Email me if you have any questions. I wanted to keep my post short.

Please email me if you own a printer like this or know of someone that has one.

Thanks much