Back when I was in college taking photo classes, one girl in the class had shot on either xp2 or T400CN, Either way, her prints looked pretty horrible, and when the proff. asked about what she used she admitted to using the film. The professor kind of when off how it wasn't exactly real black & white film, and that you could never get as good of results from it. I found the whole thing quite funny since I had spent the previous summer shooting on the stuff and was turning out some very excellent prints on the stuff. Just needed to bump that contrast filter way up.

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One thing you will find perplexing when printing with xp2 is that if you use the same basic setup ie.* contrast setting * that you did for lets say a HP5 in ID11, you will find your xp2 negative prints looking very *flat, or low contrast*
You need to raise the filter value, sometimes, by 2 full grades. This is a common problem when using this film for the first time.
Once you establish a *grade for xp2* use this starting point.
You will find this to be true with other film/developer combinations that are somewhat different than the norm.
good luck