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Is it possible to set up a light integrator and a light probe i guess it is (i see alot of OLIX stuff on ebay) and use it with my bank of BL lights for contact print processes that require UV light source? i know the Nuarc 26-1K and the like has light integrators built in but i have never used one so i'm just wondering how to set my system up so i can do my exposures in units rather than time. If it is possible, what brand/model integrator/probes should i be looking for?


This is certainly feasible. But if you buy on ebay make sure that you buy the integrator with a probe since a new probe will cost you two to three times the going price of integrators. Also, some of the Olix units need a Control box and others connect right to AC power. The second type is much simplier toi set up.

To operate you position the probe at some point under the light out of the way of the printing frame. Once you calibrate the unit you expose in units rather than seconds. I have my BL bank calibrated so that one second equals one unit. I don't get a lot of voltage fluctuation so in practice there is very little difference in actual time between 200 units and 200 seconds.