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Hi, I am new to this sight and am hoping for some guidance. What unneccessary equipment did you purchase? What equipment could you not do without? I would really like to get going and like you would like to "just do it". I have a very limited income, so I would like to make every dollar spent well worth it. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
The worst mistakes that I have made have been the result of "sneaking up on the issue".

Having said that, no one here can tell you what equipment that you will need to purchase or to not purchase. That depends entirely on what it is that you want to do and say photographically. What size of prints do you want to make? Color or black and white? How good quality to do want your prints to be?

In retrospect I wish that I had moved into large format immediately. I would have saved thousands of dollars in expenditures for lenses and equipment that I no longer favor and use. However that is my experience and should not or very likely will not be your experience. Good luck.