I owned an 8x10 enlarger for many years (condenser head). I loved it! I used to use Kodak Polymax Fine Art and Oriental Seagull Graded. I sold it because I had to move flats and there was no space and time to justify having it tag along. I started with AZO because it needed no space and time at all to use, a space for the contact frame and some place to stack the trays. What I realise is that the way I took pictures, my way of seeing or my vision if you like, matched the materials I was using (AZO and Efke and Pyrocat). Even my old Tmax negatives printed better as AZO contact prints instead of enlargements (which is what I originally intended for them). The simplicity of having a minimum of materials to master suits my temperament. I imagine others' way of seeing will be similar to mine and other different. We have to find our own way, matching our way of seeing to the materials we believe to be the best expression of our tastes. I am always happy to hear successful ventures into non-AZO printing. This can only be good for analog photography in the long-run.