Freestyle Photographic Supplies announced today that it has finalized an agreement with Fotokemika-Nova, of Samobor, Croatia, officially naming Freestyle the exclusive United States distributor of Efke-brand films and Varycon-brand photographic papers.

Efke B&W films (a formulation previously branded as 'ADOX'), and Varycon B&W papers, have filled a custom niche position with the creative fine-art photographic community in the US market for many years.

"There has been much confusion and misinformation regarding the current and future availability of our products in America", states Slaven Miskec, export manager for Fotokemika-Nova. "We are excited to have reached this agreement with Freestyle. Their well-established strategic marketing approach, as well as their very efficient distribution capabilities, makes Freestyle uniquely qualified to successfully maximize the recognition and availability of the Efke and Varycon brand."

Freestyle is excited to have the opportunity to make the Fotokemika product-lines more widely available in the US. "Many in the industry have proclaimed the demise of film and the darkroom propaganda with which Freestyle and our manufacturing partners - and our customers - strongly disagree. We are committed to continue taking a proactive position in ensuring the future availability of as many traditional photographic products as possible. We believe that this partnership further solidifies that commitment," comments Gerald H. Karmele, Freestyle's President and Chief Operating Officer.

Established in 1946, Freestyle Photographic Supplies is a leading international retail, mail order and internet provider of photographic cameras, equipment and supplies nationwide, as well as the exclusive United States distributor of Kentmere black and white photographic papers, Foma black and white photographic papers and films, Fotospeed specialty chemicals, Holga cameras and accessories, Cachet archival storage boxes, Image Mechanics fluid mount trays and Rollei/Maco black and white films.