Hi, Uranium.

Sorry, I didn't know there was a bug on the site, but I've checked myself and noticed that the portuguese option is working fine.
My first panoramic camera was an old 6x17 Linhof, with fixed 90/8 Super-angulon, and it was replaced by the Art-panorama about 3 years ago. Only two of my lenses fits this camera, the SW Nikkor 120/8 and Super-angulon 75/5.6, but of course the last one will just cover (not without severe fall-off) the 6x17 format.
I also bought a 18x24cm Meteor enlarger, so I could print 6x24 negatives, but so far it's lying on the floor waiting to be re-assembled and adapted to my preferences. And I have to confess there are great chances I can't remember anymore how to fit all those pieces together. It's a huge condenser enlarger, pretty old, with head, focus and table geared moved, but it came with a silly wood negative holder, wich could at best be used as a tray on the kitchen. Maybe I could adapt a durst holder, but first I should find one at a reasonable price and that ain't so easy, you know. Buying a scanner seems to be the best solution on the near future and that's what I'm heading to.

Cesar B.