Tom, thanks for the heads up, but I had looked at baiefoto's web site prior to buying the camera.
Right now, it just seems sillly to spend so much money just on a prism... if I had 300 bucks to spend on the camera, that would be different. I could even consider buying a new kiev, for that much...

Right now, I'm thinking of either getting a pentacon waist level finder and making better shades to fit it, or making my own wlf from scratch.

Now that I think about it, upgrading a pentacon wlf seems like a better deal... safer, anyway.

Do you own a pentacon wlf? Does it show all of the focus screen? what are you impressions of it?

I just realized, I was not following baierfoto's directions, but Ron Spillman's. Have you found these to be incorrect?

Thanks once again for the help...