Of these three papers Oriental and Azo have very nearly the same Dmin and Dmax reflective densities.

There are things that look one way and measure another. I bought some AZO and made some contact prints from some of my 4x5 megs and developed them in Amidol. It changed my whole perspective. I was getting very good resluts with PMK and now Pyrocat and a condenser enlarger and Forte or Ilford premium fiber papers. When I saw the sharpness, scale and color of the AZO in Amidol, I bought a 8x10 camera and have a whole new world opened up to me. I still do a lot of 4x5 - it is so much more backpackable and I will not be getting an 8x10 enlarger - so for big prints, I'll shoot the smaller sheets but I am amazed at how much more I can do with the addition of 8x10 for contact printing on AZO (and Kalitype) with Amidol.