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Hello? I think this idea is dead. Next....

Regards, Art.
Nope, not dead, just having a bit of a sleep. It's interesting that the round one camera is *still* going **lol**

I have a replacement camera, it's a Canon Sure Shot ACE date. A quite expensive P&S camera in its day, but these days - what the heck, I have too many cameras and my wife has two digicams so this one won't be missed.

The data back has a blat flattery which is good, and the camera battery is going strong which is also good.

I'm going to load it with a roll of hp5 tomorrow, shoot a test roll, develop tomorrow night and ship out on Monday.

I'll be sending a bunch of PM's tonight/tomorrrow to those folks who indicated they would be interested in participating. If I don't hear back from any of you by the time the camera reaches the person before you, you will be skipped. BobF is the first person on the list. Bob if you read this PM me to let me know you're still in.

Let's move this camera around folks and finish the trip in record time.