Maybe composing with panoramic format just come to be some kind of tricky art due to the fact that wide formats already seems to be so dynamic by itself. It's so easy to get lost with so much room to our sides! And keeping some sort of equilibrium while captiving the reader's eyes to where we want them to look at, those are in my opinion the major tasks to be faced.

It's possible to scan those long negatives on Nikon 9000, stichting the peaces later on PS, but it isn't the funniest thing to do. Actually, I've just made one with almost 3m wide, supposed to be printed on Lambda, but I haven't seem the result and probably will never see as it was sent some thousand kilometers away from home. My future plans head to printing on high-end ink-jets, nice papers and inks, for exhibition and selling altogheter.

I once made a prototype lens hood for the 6x17 Linhof, wich lens suffered badly from flare, and consisted of four flat panels hinged by black cloth, closed on the end by velcro tape. To support them I used a Lee filter stand wich happened to be just the right size to fit around de 90/8 SA lens. The long panels where almost at square angle to lens axis, while the small lateral boards showed much steeper angles. The nice feature about this hood is that it could be disassembled to travel on back-pack. Once mounted it was so huge and fragile to go anywhere.