In the Pure-Silver NG the question of keeping properties of modern RC papers are felt to be on a par with FB papers by a lot of people. I feel the longevity of a print is not the only reason to use FB papers and have come to believe, without proof but simply NG chatter, that RC papers, other than Ilford & perhaps Seagull, have a developer incorporated into the emulsion. If this is true, and manufacturers recommended development time is 1 minute for RC papers, then the development of an image cannot be controlled and split development printing is folly.

Where FB-VC papers have no such incorporation the chosen developer has a marked result on the image and a Hard developer followed by a Soft developer will make a difference.

My feeling is that RC paper can not react to development as FB paper will. If the wet side of your darkroom is an important part of making an expressive print, then RC paper has no place in it--other than contact sheets or learning a negatives characteristics or printing post cards.

If I am wrong I would like to know. I've been wrong before, it won't be the
first time.