I am a “youngster” who just received his Medicare card. I have been involved with photography since age 11 when my father gave me a Brownie Six-Twenty for my birthday because I would not leave my mother's Kodak Tourist alone. The next Christmas I received a Kodak developing outfit including a contact printer because I was costing him for processing and printing. I have been “into” photography ever since, at times more than others. Fortunately, I have a profession which pays for my various hobbies and a wife who indulges me.

Currently, I am mostly interested in B&W landscapes but also take many candids of my grand children, which are usually in color print form. I have a “wet” darkroom which I enjoy very much, but my output is meager in terms of numbers and variety. This is not all bad as I only have to please myself. I use 35mm, 6x6, and 4x5 and love them all.

I have been signed up for APUG for several months now and have thoroughly enjoyed the forums and the galleries. I am still trying to upload a few images but have been unsuccessful so far, but I still have hopes for success.