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I like Freestyle and JandC both.

JandC have that "we are a small group working on our passion (analogue photography)" attitude. I really like that. They also have the difficulty of a small group--sometimes running out of stock, sometimes not responding really fast to an email. This is not to say that Freestyle doesn't have the same problems sometimes.
I should point out--keeping items like this in stock is not an easy thing to do. My brother is an importer of items from a small country. It isn't like you just call them up and say, "ship 100 boxes of 4x5 Efke 100, 50 boxes of Efke 25, I'd like them here Tuesday." It takes patience to build up the relationship that John has obviously done.

How many times have we benefited from overstock/short date sales? Yes, sometimes we benefit from the difficulties, but we tend to only remember the times when he is out of stock--which really hasn't happened to me, I will add.

I will point out again that Freestyle has still not added any responses to this thread. I like them, but I really like JandC. I just wish I had more time to make photos so I could use more of his product!