Unfortunately, the lens shade went away with the camera, so I have no pictures. Maybe I should grant a patent on the idea and sell the rights to Linhof, since their salesperson in USA once told me in the LF forum that it could never be done. Nice fella, he is...
But, anyway, it's not so difficult to imagine and build something to make this trick. What seems to be an issue is the fact that one probably should make a different piece for each lens. That's what keeps me thinking twice before I start, since I'm already looking for a third lens.
About the strap, I confess never cared about it since I couldn't even imagine carrying this baby-monster around my neck. But right now, as you mentioned this, I found an old strap wich fits perfectly, although I'm not sure where it came from. Suppose it was from a 6x7 Mamiya I once had long ago.
So, I got thank you for that!