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I think I would like to disagree on the assertion that RC papers are not appropriate for making an expressive print. I refer you to the book by Larry Bartlett and Jon Tarrant: Black and White Photographic Printing Workshop. There are excellent examples of expressive print making with RC papers in this book.
Looks like I screwed up the quote that I was trying to point out-------how in the world do you pick out only a piece of a thread to respond to?
Not to worry. Just click on the "quote" bar and in the new window snip out whatever you don't want to include (addition by subtraction).

As far as making an expressive print on RC paper I meant it cannot be done IF the chemical process of developing is a part of the expressive print process and especially with those papers that are DI. An expressive print can be made on ANY paper where chemistry is not a part of the creative/artistic process. Not all expressive prints MUST be on Fiber and not ALL expressive prints require selective development.

I feel VC paper is VC because of reasons to do with pigments and emulsions that respond to Yellow filters as minus contrast and to Magenta as plus contrast and chemistry will enhance or detract from this. A paper that is DI'd or only requires 1 minute to reach full development is counter productive to my way of working an expressive print. But I wouldn't suggest my way is the only way or the best way.