Cesar! Listen to this! Just find out a couple hours ago! The old Angulon (not the super angulon) 6.8/165 mm cover 18x24 cm at f22 with an image circles 300mm! It's not that intresting but this lens works around 80 degree! Which is a longer lens and a 165 mm will not intefere with the cameras inside constraction! At least that's what I think but you know what they say nothing is sure in this world! It's a 40 degree down in my case!
I think yours is a 105 on f22 so it's not much there but I mobilise every one I know to think!!! :-)

Our sollution could be some short process lens with a hudge coveredge as they work around 45-50 degree! It's just find a right one which can be fitted into shutter and are around 120 up to a 160 mm! Look around!!!

It seem that a lots of people reading this but nobody stepped in yet so it is a unsusul camera! I mean this site is worldwide isn't it?