Hi Frank--Check out the Bronica list at Yahoo!Groups and do a web search for Bob Monaghan's Bronica website for more than you would ever want to know about the classic Bronicas. $250 canadian is a good deal. The C was a budget version of the S2 with a fixed back instead of the interchangeable backs. You don't get the functionality of an interchangeable back, but on the other hand the camera is simpler with less to go wrong and get out of whack.

I have a pretty extensive system with 2 S2A's some adapted lenses as well as Nikkor and Komura lenses from 40mm to 500mm. If you like the flexibility of a system camera and a wide range of lenses and don't have the budget to do that with a Hassy, the older Bronicas are a good deal, and the Nikkor lenses are quite good and the backs are cheap. Another great accessory to keep an eye out for is the Type II bellows, which has full view camera movements on the front standard, if you do macro.